21st Century Education is excited to announce the exclusive 21st Century Millionaire Matrix Tour, with Key Speaker Pat Mesiti.

This 1 Day free event is a once in a life time opportunity for attendees to learn how to achieve their financial dreams and strategies to constantly succeed.

Pat’s passion is your financial prosperity.




Hilton on the Park

Sunday Aug 04


Pullman Brisbane King George Square
Saturday Aug 17


The Menzies

Sunday Aug 18


Ibis Perth

Saturday August 31


Crowne Plaza

Saturday 19th Oct


Here’s What You’ll Gain at the 21st Century Millionaire Matrix Tour

We’ll be revealing the jealously guarded secrets and principles that will arm you with the most effective and results based wealth strategies that you could apply immediately. The following is just a glimpse of what you discover….

The 12 irrefutable and undeniable laws that create wealth.

The 12 steps of financial disaster (commit ANY one of these and you’re destined to financial ruin).

The 10 signature characteristics of all millionaires.

How to change your money habits the ‘smart way’ for long term success.

The greatest investment lesson I have EVER taught.
    (This is undoubtedly the most lucrative money making strategy – GUARANTEED).

How to turnover $1,000,000 in ONE year...

The hidden mind virus preventing you from creating wealth that you DON’T EVEN KNOW YOU’VE GOT

The 8 relationships you need to build wealth.

The most common FATAL FLAWS people are making right now in their investments that’s sabotaging them financially. 

The biggest killer to your success (This alone will solve 90% of your financial problems).

Why positive thinking alone or the Law of Attraction is the most delusional misconception to manifesting any kind of success in your life.

How to create a new level of thinking to create a new level of wealth.
(FACT: Millionaires think differently to broke people. The same level of thinking that got you where you are now WON’T get you where you want to go).

Property Investor Guru 

US property prices are at their lowest since the Great Depression in the 1930s

Big hedge funds have invested over $11 billion last month in the US housing market

Property can be bought from little as $25,000 with returns of around 20% net

Banks will soon start lending to US citizens. This opportunity may only last for 12 months.

A property can be paid off in 4-6 years on rental returns or you can just take the cash!


Rates are at a 25-year low - RBA took oficial cash rate to 3%. Variable Interest and Fixed rates is a good time to consider options.

Prices have bottomed - According to the ANZ, housing affordability has now improved significantly.

Stable employment - Labour Force figures from Australian Bureau of Statistics show unemployment is currently at 5.2 per cent

Access to finance -the number of people apply for mortgages nationally had grown by 0.6 per cen.  recent changes by the Federal Government to introduce positive credit reporting could offer more good news for those wanting to take out a loan.